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Our Mission

To improve the wellbeing of our patients, clients, staff and community.

Core Values

Patient Care: We are dedicated to, and take pride in, offering the latest advancements in veterinary medicine to provide the best care possible. We strive to be thorough in everything we do with all our patients: accurate, clean, pain free and precise.

Compassion: We identify with the feelings and emotions of our patients. We treat all animals with concern and consideration, realizing that even the nervous or fractious patient deserves the same care as the happy-go-lucky patient. We understand the concern of our clients. Everyone here promises to be non-judgmental with every client that comes through our door. We form bonds with our pet parents and are sympathetic in the most difficult times.

Teamwork: We accomplish more as a team than as individuals. Teamwork is essential in making our hospital run smoothly. We are aware of and care about what is happening with our coworkers; we communicate effectively and pick up where someone left off. We make it our personal goal to maintain a harmonious relationship with our team members.

Integrity: Aztec Animal Clinic is committed to our patients and their care. We believe in offering all possible medical treatments and providing each client with the information to make a decision about their pet’s medical care. Our recommendations will always be based on our medical judgment and we will be respectful of client’s financial resources.